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But he said the companies work with police to help fight theft.

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The goal of Human Development is to improve the performance of an organization or a nation thru maximizing the efficiency of its individuals. It is also considered as the mission of the social reformers.

Aims Institute of Human development (AIHD) is in the same field working to improve the quality of human resource in Pakistan. AIHD is committed to develop the knowledge, skills, actions, motivation and attitudes of individuals thru research, development and trainings. AIHD since its first day is a “FOR FREE Organization” believing that all vital and precious components of Human life are and should Free thus the human development services.

AIHD belong to a new category of mentoring institutes that were present in our golden history and exists in the developed nations but not in Pakistan. AIHD is an attempt to institutionalize our classical tradition (Riwayat) of Counseling, advice-giving and training on modern, processional and scientific basis.


He was eventually found in a car in Pakuranga in July last year, with a loaded shotgun beside him, a rifle under the seat, a stun gun, cash, scales, stolen jewellery and counterfeit drivers licences.

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Dont be tempted by the cash in your retirement account.

The Human Development Institute and technology consulting firm.
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