Executive Director

Dr. María Teresa Montilla

Dr. María Teresa Montilla is executive director of the American Institute for Multicultural Studies (AIMS), a non-profit private educational entity focused on promoting academic and spiritual development, pluralism, and the use of research to generate helpful knowledge to advocate for a more inclusive, equitable, compassionate, prepared, and prosperous world. 

María Teresa is an educator, author, and social entrepreneur who has endeavored towards AIMS Institute’s mission for more than two decades by teaching in person and online, and disseminating information through radio, television, Internet, newspaper columns, forums, conferences, workshops, and courses.

She has authored three books, My Family’s Origin: Indigenous, Spaniard and African, an account of the author’s family’s bloodline narrated in tandem with the history of the Caribbean island, indigenous Taínos-Arawaks named Ayi-ti, meaning mountainous land, and Quisqueya, meaning mother of all lands; Latina y Evangélica in the United States, an analysis of how the church and the Latino culture form an ‘effective alliance’ of oppression against women; and Lobas de Verdad (She-Wolf), an analysis of the similarities between a she-wolf and an emotionally healthy woman (unpublished). She has co-authored two books and accompanying film documentaries and visual exhibits: 

New Jersey Dominicans: A Decade of Accomplishments, an account of Dominican migration to New Jersey, its causes and achievements; and Los Panfleteros de Santiago (Santiago’s Pamphleteers), the story of a rebellious youth movement during the Rafael Leonidas Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic. She has authored seventeen undergraduate teaching manuals on behavioral sciences topics such as Crisis Intervention, Family Counseling, Sexual Abuse, and The Grieving Process.

María Teresa is retired from an established 28-year career in administration and supervision within the New Jersey Judiciary. Her civic involvement spans over thirty years and includes community organizing, education, and coordination of services. Her extensive experience training and lecturing cover the areas of family relations, social empowerment, civic responsibility, diversity, and multiculturalism. 

She received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Thomas Edison College in Trenton, NJ; and two Master’s Degrees, one in Public Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and one in Christian Counseling from New Covenant International University from which she also earned a Doctorate in Theology. 

María Teresa resides in West Milford, New Jersey, with her husband, Dr. Néstor H. Montilla.