My Family’s Origin: Indigenous, Spaniard, and African is an account of the author’s family’s bloodline narrated in tandem with the history of the Caribbean island, indigenous Taínos-Arawaks named Ayi-ti, meaning mountainous land, and Quisqueya, meaning mother of all lands.

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I believe God is a riveting, tender and inspiring story of faith, family, forgiveness and motherhood, told simply and with frankness. The author, Maritza Jimenez, is a courageous, loving and caring woman who submits to God, honors her husband and fiercely protects her family. She is a Mama Lioness who embodies the strength and power to nurture and fearlessly protect her offspring. 

Dra. María Teresa y Dr. Néstor Montilla co-autores con el Dr. Negro Veras y 75 Escritores del libro “A los 60 Años: Dos Panfleteros de Santiago Contra un Régimen Tiránico”