AIMS institute offers temperament training to clergy leaders in Paterson, NJ

EN ESPANOL: El Instituto AIMS ofrece capacitación sobre temperamento a líderes clericales

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, the AIMS Institute offered a temperament training course for clergy leaders that took place at the Great Commission Church in Paterson, NJ.

Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla leads training on temperament at the Great Commission Church in Paterson, New Jersey (Photo by AIM Institute staff).

Knowing the temperament, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as that of colleagues, is essential for the success of work teams and the performance of leadership roles.

As part of the training, participants took a temperament assessment test to identify individual strengths and weaknesses.

The training included group exercises and development of plans to improve the effectiveness of work teams.

Dr. María Teresa Montilla, executive director of the American Institute for Multicultural Studies (AIMS Institute), led the training.

The American Institute for Multicultural Studies (AIMS Institute) is an academic entity established in 2001 and focused on sharing knowledge and conducting interdisciplinary, sociocultural, and educational research studies.

The programs it has implemented over the last two decades include seminars, forums, and certified courses in pre-marital counseling, leadership skills development, pastoral care, morals and civics, English, the judicial system, and multiculturalism.

Dr. Maria Teresa Montilla during the training (Photo by AIM Institute staff).
Great Commission Church Pastor Miqueas Nieves concluding prayers (Photo by AIM Institute staff).